Pisces horoscope for march 12 2020

They would like to make everyone around them happy — and because they do not always know how to do it, they often lead a passive life in spite of their grand intentions. When they finally begin bringing their ideals to life — it turns out it is something completely different than what was previously envisioned.

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At this point — disappointed and disillusioned — they can give in to passivity or discouragement. It should be added that they are a calm and persevering person — but more in mind than action. Still, they can show extra ordinary perseverance in some cases — they do not care for any events and facts, dismissing any persuasion and stubbornly sticking to the picked path that others — those with more knowledge about the situation — condemn fully.

It might happen that, despite common sense, they are eventually triumphant and victorious. The love everything that is poetic and romantic and, despite their epicurism and sensuality, are capable of platonic love. They are not a bad person, although used to pleasure and luxury. What threatens them. The influence of women is strong in their life and it does not always bring them happiness. For your love relationship, you can join in more social activities. In this way, you can make more friends.

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Maybe your soul mate is one of them. Good luck! I am focusing on getting or more clients. So how will my new year be. The prediction indicates that there won't have many difficulties next year. In addition, you would have a chance to meet your lucky stars who can provide some necessary help. Thus you can get some successes. Especially around the 12th, when Saturn and Pluto set the tone, lead the dance, and mobilize to make you change your pace, your step, and even your life.

Do not try to resist this cosmic pressure that asks you to let go of what has gone on too long and no longer works. A delay not easy to live, but that will allow you to bounce back. February: 1st decan: You will be eager to share your ideas, some of which may surprise you. For a while, you've been displaying freedom of expression and originality that makes a difference.

In particular on the 5th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 26th, and 29th.

You will not lack eloquence or argument to rally votes around projects that motivate and inspire those around you. Do not be afraid to talk about it, to praise their merits, and the interest we would have in helping you achieve it. This is an opportunity to approach a dream and an ideal around the 20th tangibly. Use your charm to plead your case and successfully defend a vision of the world and projects that could transform your existence and those of others. On the other hand, at the end of the month on the 28th , give up asking too much and seeking to obtain more support or money by exerting a pressure that is considered excessive by your entourage.

At the risk of turning your interlocutors and your loyal supporters against you. March: 1st decan: On the 8th, you are always switched "on. But you could end up annoying people if you go too fast or too far. Time to calm things down on the 10th. Revive the debates that went around in circles to your advantage around the 22nd.

From this day, Saturn also invites you to think and take stock of what you have learned and understood in the last fourteen years. Count on Mars the planet to fuel yourself and your determination and rally those who love you and think your projects are worth supporting the 14th.


Your charm should work miracles on the 23rd: beautiful encounters and tender exchanges are to be expected. If you ask too much, you may run into a wall and end the day frustrated. On the other hand, if you put forward arguments that hold the road, you will have no trouble hitting the mark on the 4th. Expect to mark minds and score points the 11th and 14th : your projects could take shape thanks to supporters who will not hesitate on the 22nd and 23rd to mobilize to help you move forward. April: 1st decan: You are thinking of reorganizing your house, changing your home, or improving your living conditions.

You take the time to think and you're right around the 4th and 11th to make cautious choices that respect all important parameters. Be careful, on the 7th, not to try to distinguish yourself, at the risk of rustling feathers and attracting criticism. On the 21st, 26th, and 28th, lower your voice especially with your family to avoid unnecessary upheaval and conflict. You should have no difficulty in reaching your objectives, be it to beautify your home, harmonize your family ties, or move the lines to your idea.

Bet on the dynamic and creative flows of the month especially around the 5th to break the deadlock. You will have a unique talent the 7th and 8th for extolling your merits and defending your ideas and perspectives. On the other hand, avoid asking too much of those around you on the 14th, 15th, 25th, and 26th if you do not want to frighten some people who are ready to support you possibly financially , but not at any price. May: 1st decan: Ideas are not lacking, and your current originality is surprising, interesting, or disturbing the 1st.

However, bet on your eloquence on the 12th to get your messages across in family. Perhaps, make it clear to those around you that you will have to reduce your expenses. Nothing dramatic, however, to dread but rather a little extra awareness and caution that invites you to use your resources more wisely or save to help you and everyone stay sheltered from the weather or risk of shortage the 22nd. At the end of the month the 25th , these good dispositions will not prevent you from doing what you like, even doing things your way.

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It is normal in May. You should have no trouble driving it to your advantage the 4th. The Full Moon on the 7th inspires you and invites you to broaden your horizons and defend your principles and ambitions. At the end of the month the 22nd , it is with your family that you will know what to do and what to say to maintain harmony within the clan or possibly narrow the ranks.

Be careful the 4th not to let yourself embark on a dream that borders on fantasy. At the risk of finding yourself disappointed and frustrated. On the other hand, you could be hovering in high places and surf deliciously and positively on inspiring flows on the 7th, 9th, and 10th when everything seems to be possible and at your fingertips even in your heart.

If you avoid on the 11th communicating offensively, you could plead your case favorably and why not win the Moon on the 15th and 17th. June: 1st decan: There is love in the air, and you should have no trouble seducing or declaring your love for someone on the 5th.


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Wait, however, for some conversations to return to the carpet in July. Promises you make and will have to keep, for example.

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Moreover, from the 18th, communication could go around in circles. However, enjoy the new Moon on the 21st, which invites you to flirt, shine with all your fires, and make romantic meetings. At the end of the month the 28th , you will not hesitate to take a stand to defend your interests. But do not proceed, a priori, without taking the necessary distance to assess the situations that arise knowingly.

On the 30th, you relaunch your tender offensives. Enough to finish the month smoothly but also decided to continue to lead the dance.