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Love: Married and partnered Scorpios will be surprised to find themselves thoroughly enjoying simple pleasures with their loved ones, thanks to Jupiter moving to the sector of your chart dealing with security. Single Scorpions could find love with someone they never expected to be attracted to a Ross rather than a Joey.

Money: Ka-ching! Abundant Jupiter will be in your second house of work and finance all year, meaning that "this could be one of your luckiest money years in over a decade," assure the AstroTwins. You could get a nice bonus, a prestigious job title, or even land a new and better-paying position. Health: The wellness roadblocks you encountered last year — insomnia, skipping meals, blowing off gym visits — should clear away in with the departure of Uranus from your health sector.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

You'll be more motivated to stick to a nutritious diet and a reasonable fitness regimen. Love: The phrase "I'm my own best friend" will be your mantra in , Sag. This year will find you with a renewed outlook on all aspects of your life; you'll be seeking adventure, changing up your wardrobe, and "zooming around" from place to place. This all will put you in a better frame of mind to seek love if you're single; if you're attached, the time will be right for a big move such as buying a home or starting a family. Money: Your creative ideas at work won't go unnoticed, and Sagittarians might get some extra attention or publicity because of it.

If you're looking to sell your home, July is your best month to do it. Health: Quirky Uranus goes into your sixth house, which rules health and fitness. The result: You'll be spurred to try new diet and exercise regimens and stick to them. You'll also be the one shopping for the best tech to make sure you're reaching your quota of steps and not going over your fat grams.

March 21st Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aries - Part 2

Love: In , Jupiter settles into an area of the Capricorn chart that rules "divine love and karma," explain the Twins. This lucky positioning means that singleton Caps are poised to meet their soulmate in the coming year.

Already attached? You'll become even more deeply intimate with your partner, and perhaps get creative with new techniques in bed. Money: Capricorns are the hard workers of the zodiac, and that won't change in What will: possibly your choice of career.

Cosmic Path Scorpio

A quirky series of planetary shifts could prompt you to look for a new line of work, branch off on your own, or join with a partner for an exciting new venture. Health: This is a check-up-from-the-neck-up year rather than a fitness-focused one, Cap. The AstroTwins recommended some "deep inner work" to get to the source of your negative emotions and self-talk and heal from the traumas that brought you there in the first place.

This is also the time to come to terms with the difficult people in your life by either accepting them for who they are, or letting them go. Love: Many Aquarians will be starting off the year with a partner who appears to be perfection itself. But are they? One of 's lunar eclipses in your partnership house will help you tell for certain.

If that person really is The One, you'll be ready to accept them for who they are; if not, then it's time to move on. Money: In , the planets are super-favorable for Aquarians to start up a sideline business, preferably a tech-related one.

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Uranus entering your home sector is another hint that a home-based business could be profitable: You could help design websites from home or handle social media for local businesses, for example. Health: To make sure you stay healthy enough to keep up with all this business and socializing, stock up on gut-protecting supplements and eat right. Your chart indicates that your stomach could give you trouble if you're not careful. Love: You and your SO will find the greatest joy this year in doing things that remind you that you're best friends as well as lovers.

Go out with your couple-friends, travel together, take up a mutual hobby. But romance isn't entirely out of the picture: The solar eclipse in early July ramps up the passion level Money: For Pisceans, "this could be your luckiest professional year in over a decade," say the AstroTwins. Jupiter will stick around your house of ambition, career, and money, meaning a promotion or new job is likely. While it feels tempting to rebel against authority, our energy is better spent in preparation.

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Focus on strengthening your adaptability on Sunday, when a New Moon in mysterious Scorpio arrives at p. EST, opposing imaginative Uranus. Be on the lookout for erratic behavior in others, and nothing will surprise you.

What Your August Will Look Like, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Feel like you're afraid of what's around the corner? Shake off your cosmic dread by confronting change on Monday, when the Sun opposes unpredictable Uranus. It's easy to doubt yourself, as these planets work against each other — remember to have faith.

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  • LeoSeason will be in full swing, meaning there will be a lot going on for you this month. With Virgo season on the horizon at the end of the month, August is the perfect time to step back and look at your life overall. See if there is anything you want to reevaluate before the month ends, whether personally or professionally. However, we think that you should take time to seriously think through your next decision before deciding what to do. As a resourceful Scorpio, you should definitely put your skills to use this month. This is the time to take on more responsibility than usual when it comes to your professional life.

    August horoscopes often involve new beginnings, but we think you should focus on what you already have rather than starting something new. As a fire sign, you have what it takes to stand out and be a leader on your own terms. Try to get more in touch with your creative side rather than only focusing on your professional life. As someone who is usually very independent, when it comes to August horoscopes, this month may bring you somewhat out of your comfort zone.

    While some August horoscopes focus on planning for the future, we think you should focus on where you are currently. Look at the people closest to you and see if they represent your same values.