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Libra Man in Love & Relationships

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  5. Positive Attributes of a Libra Woman.
  6. Kim Kardashian The Libra women born under the seventh zodiac sign have passionate characteristics and pleasing personality. However, they are of a dual nature and it is very possible that both the sides will show up, and most probably at the same time, because the Libra Native is always preoccupied in maintaining a balance in all spheres of life.

    There are also many other traits of the Libra women, which are outlined below. Charming, graceful and attractive, the Libra women are aware of their strengths as well as weaknesses. These intelligent and polite women are smooth and diplomatic which helps them resolve many tricky situations easily. The Libra woman loves to be surrounded by luxuries and comforts, and tend to flirt a lot, but their flirting is quite harmless.

    Money & Career

    What they are looking for in a relationship is commitments. When they get into a relationship, the Libra women will try to keep the equation balanced. They neither dominate nor will they get dominated, because they believe in sharing the responsibilities.

    Libra Woman - Zodiac Traits & Personality In Love, Compatibility & Life!

    They will always respect their spouse. To strengthen your relationship further, try the personalised Natal Chart based service Relationships Ask 3 Questions. Though self-sufficient, they are not happy alone and usually have a partner in their lives.

    Libra children are naturally sweet and obedient. Even on rare occasions when their behavior is rebellious or aggressive, they are more well-mannered than other children. Adolescence brings big changes; this is often the first time that the placid Libra child becomes difficult. They usually manage to retain their lovableness, but their freedom-loving nature often draws them into controversy. Libra men and women are the most romantic among the zodiacal types.

    The Libra Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

    Venus-ruled, they have an idealistic view of love and togetherness. Once these people fall in love, they start thinking of marriage. Libras don't enjoy romantic suffering. Whenever they are disappointed in a relationship, a Libra man or woman will spend a little time grieving and then move to another partnership.

    Because they are very social people, Libras make good friends.

    Libra With Libra: Their Love Compatibility

    Libras are great counselors, because they have the ability to weigh the pros and cons of an idea fairly and without bias. They love giving parties, and they have talent for making people feel at ease. Romance can reign for a Libra when she can accept all aspects of her lover. The contribution from both partners in any union has to feel equal and reciprocal, or a Libra will find a way to bow out of the relationship.

    Known for being erratic in their dalliances and even promiscuous in their heydays, Libra women are notorious for being fantastic lovers, well-versed in the arts of sex and sensual pleasure. Sexuality and touch are like bread and water for a Venus-ruled Libra. Do not expect them to ever go without. The Libra woman enjoys making her living space a haven for sharing ideas, meals, and good company with those she loves. Natural lighting is a big deal for a Libra, and she will always eschew harsh or ugly lighting. A Libra woman manages to integrate all aspects of her household harmoniously, so the kitchen flows easily into the living room, and even if she has kids, their stuff never dominates the home.

    Everything in her world is kept clean and pretty, and she loves having vases of fresh flowers here and there.

    Even when going for a laid-back style, a Libra can easily dress it up and translate her space into a nonchalant glamour that feels very polished and yet totally unpretentious. A sense of symmetry is essential tothe personality of Libras, who loathe feeling out of balance.