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Every third conjunction - once every 60 years - brings the alignment back to its starting place, plus around 9 degrees: this 60 year cycle is termed the first order recurrence of the conjunction. Every 40th conjunction - roughly once every years - brings the alignment back to within about 1 degree of its starting place: this approximate year cycle is termed the second order recurrence, astrologically known as the Great Mutation cycle.

Jupiter and Saturn were the outermost known planets in ancient times, and were called the "Great Chronocrators" by astrologers of old. For millennia, the alignment of these two planets has been regarded as a significator of great social, economic and political watersheds - historic turning points, if you will. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur in signs of the same element for a mean period of a bit less than years at a stretch, typically with some overlap at the beginning and end of the cycle. For example, the current cycle of conjunctions in the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn was initiated on January 26, and concludes on May 28, This cycle was interrupted by the December 31, - July 24, triple conjunction in Libra.

It's not hard to work out from this and Jupiter's strong links to most of the planets in that horoscope! In completing this course, I commuted by plane for three years, earning myself the nickname of "The Flying Scot". And so on….

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Perhaps this personal account will encourage you to track through a few of your Jupiter cycles, and see that there is indeed a thematic unfolding of a specific kind of experience…. The question of what the balance is between fate and free will has preoccupied humans for millennia. It remains unresolved. However, as an astrologer it is important to have a view. Decades of astrological practice; much reading especially in recent years including what I can grasp of probability theory and chaos theory; my own efforts to become a more conscious person: these have all led me to the view not original at all — many astrologers take this standpoint!

Those characters, the horoscope's symbolic, archetypal patterns, are ours for life. However, the evidence of observation and experience appears to suggest this vital point: the more conscious we can become of what our motivations and drives are, and how they impact on our inner and external life, the wider becomes the range of possible avenues of expression to which we can have access in choosing how to make our particular life's drama as positive and creative as possible.

All life cycles, whether we at looking at a gnat, a human, or a galaxy, go through the same process: seeding, germinating, sprouting, flowering, ripening, harvesting, dying back in preparation for the new. So it is with the planetary cycles. Think of the tiny monthly cycle of the Sun and Moon. The New Moon takes place in darkness. After a week, first quarter, things are taking shape.

At full moon, the cycle's energy is in full light, at its most obvious. A week later, on the waning square, the Moon is shrinking, the month's energy on the wane.

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Let's use the person with Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 9th House as our example. At the age of 23, off she goes to Australia, completes her Diploma, and obtains a good teaching job in Melbourne. She works there for a couple of years, then relocates to Sydney first quarter phase, Jupiter now in Pisces since she wants to take up sailing and she has a friend there who runs a sailing school. Three years later full moon phase, Jupiter in Gemini she agrees to take on a teaching job at the sailing school where she has been a student. Another three years go by, and she begins to become dissatisfied and critical last quarter phase, Jupiter now in Virgo.


She is becoming bogged down in admin and paperwork. Not her style! She puts less and less commitment into her job, and after over ten years in Australia, she has itchy feet again Moondark.

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Nearly twelve years after arriving, full of enthusiasm, she is off to work in the Greek Islands. She has fallen in love with a Greek Australian and decides to return with him to his home island of Rhodes.

Saturn Is Now in Capricorn — and It Could Be a MAJOR Astrological Event for You

She is nearly thirty-six years old. A new Jupiter cycle is about to begin…. I've always found that astrology students and clients are fascinated when you consider their major cycles with them, as well as finding it helpful in understanding the unfolding pattern of their lives. The Jupiter cycle is a particularly easy one to which to connect. The rhythm of the cycle, looking back, can usually be tracked. If Jupiter is a very strongly placed and emphasised 'character on the stage', the overall effect is of course amplified.

With Jupiter in Scorpio in the third house, I clearly recall my boredom, restlessness, and desire for a new educational project towards the end of my fourth Jupiter cycle when I was forty-six or forty-seven. Thus, the conjunction means what we make it mean. How do I choose to invent the meaning of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction? For example, a woman who wanted to buy a house was going to have the conjunction in her 4th house.

She lined up her loan from a bank, months ahead of time.

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  • The Saturn-Pluto cycle has a well-documented correlation to the world economic cycles.
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  • She got ready for the conjunction, and by the time it occurred she was ready to proceed, she found the right place, and she purchased Taurus home and property 4th house. A new cycle of Jupiter Saturn astrology began for her. The conjunction initiated a time of active striving to earn more money, a time of greater focus on financial commitments and generating wealth.

    2020 Capricorn Alignment - Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto - What you need to know

    Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Taurus means taking charge of our financial destiny. Taurus is the sign of the ox, a beast of burden. Pulling a cart like an ox requires strength, determination, persistence. We place greater emphasis on working hard and saving money. The conjunction in Taurus reminds us that, to counterbalance the electric but airy, disembodied quality of the growing electronic culture Uranus in Aquarius , we also need to connect to nature, the earth.

    Connect to the consciousness of the cow. Feel your roundness and solidity, the strength of your legs beneath you, connected through your feet to the earth below. Chew your life experience slowly and thoroughly. Cut through neurotic speed. Be at ease.

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    Log off the internet and hug a tree. Feel your connection to the plant kingdom.

    http://blacksmithsurgical.com/t3-assets/spirituality/qozi-maximum-recovery.php Taurus symbolizes the physical world, the biosphere. Ecological awareness and preservation of the environment become central priorities. Atmospheric degradation and pollution of the biosphere require that we learn new ways to meet our basic survival needs. Taurus corresponds to the level of agrarian societies, learning the arts of cultivation, so this recent conjunction has asked us to learn to cultivate crops and products of concrete value and intrinsic worth, crafted with artistry.

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    • Our attitudes toward money change, becoming more realistic, more resourceful. This may mean a determination to earn more money. Or it could mean recognition of the things in life we value besides money, such as time, nature, music, love and friendship. For me, these are the true wealth of my life, the sources of joy; and I find that as I put my energy into these areas of my life, I always have enough money. You may wish to try this for yourself.

      Now, let us consider the general meaning of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in the twelve houses of the birth chart. These descriptions of general themes are intended to be suggestive, not exhaustive, and of course will be modified by the aspects the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction makes to our natal planets.

      New professional demeanor, focus on professional advancement. Greater professionalism in appearance and attitude. New spirit of discipline and seriousness of purpose. Stronger intention to become successful and to gain substance and wealth over time.

      The Jupiter – Saturn Cycle

      Decisions to assume a more responsible or adult role in the world, such as that of parent especially if natal Moon or Saturn are placed in the 1st house. Setting financial goals. Starting to earn more money. Beginning to meet the material problems of existence more effectively. Significant purchases. Practical focus to learning or education.